Mailing list aafboard

Mailing list aar

AAR Board Listserve

AAR Team Leader Listserve

Academic Civic Engagement

List for the Carleton a cappella community.

List for the Carleton a cappella seniors for communication purposes.


Mailing list acclist

Disability Services

Mailing list accs

Asexual Community & Education

ACE Science Outreach

Gay Blood Ban

Helping out the elderly

Adriatic Travelers


AED Team Mailing List

AFAM News for Students

ACA: Afro-Caribbean Association

Bethany McHugh's Comps

AIDS/HIV Awareness Club

Mailing list ai



Allen House Listserv

Mailing list for all staff and faculty in Boliou Hall

Theater and Dance

Alpine Ski Club

Carleton Alumni Discussion List

Alumni Relations Lecture Series

Custodial Services employees - Projects Team


Group that discusses ideas and practices of dating and love

American Medical Student Association

Carleton Anime Society

for the homies too chill for chill homies

Allen, Prentice, Wilson House Mailing List

Carleton Academic Quiz Team

Carleton Academic Quiz Team

Carleton Academic Quiz Team

Community Volunteers for the Arbororetum

Student Arboretum Volunteers

Archaeology Program Interest

A list for those interested in Western Archery at Carleton

Mailing list areastudies

Model UN

Mailing list for art history faculty only

Art History Majors, Class of 2016

art history majors

Art History Majors, Class of 2018

Students interested in art events

Arts Connection at Northfield Middle School

Budding Naturalist

E-mail list for ASIA

Asian Studies Faculty

American Sign Language

Assessment Coordinators

Astromony Club

Custodial Services employees - Athletics Team

All The Ladies In The House

Attendees information list for Future of Liberal Arts in India 2015

Carleton Automobile Enthusiast Society

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

Engineering Group of CARS

Ebony II

Student Organization


Newsletter for the Ballroom and Latin Dance Team

Winter Ebony 2014

San Francisco Bay Area Alumni


Carleton Beach Club

Students involved with Bedsider U


SYNCHRONY II- "Sax" by Fleur East

Billiards Club

Mailing list for Bio majors

Mailing list for BIOL majors class of 2008

Internal Alumni Relations

Blacksmithing Club updates and news

BLM Faculty and Staff Anti-Oppression Training

BLM Facilitated conversations

BLM Institutional change

BLM Publications and Social Media

Custodial Services employees - Blue Team 1

Custodial Services employees - Blue Team 2

Bluegrass Jam


I'm dancin in the rain

Bookbinding Class and Interest

A CCCE Program

Synchrony II Dance

Friends of Boot

Boston Carleton Club

students that are on-campus during the break

This mailing list is for the discussion of the Bridge Material Type Icon Project

Listserv for Carleton Bridge Club

Townhouse residents

Women's Swim and Dive

Boston Tea Party 2016

Buddhist meditation and discussion

Burton Student Workers

Burton 221

Welcome to Third Burton!


Broomball Team Burton Winter 16

Burton Student Managers

SMT Cabaret

Carleton Advocates for Educational Opportunities

Carleton Art Collective

Cast of Caligula ETB

For Juniors in the CAMS Major

Cinema and Media Studies Librarians

For Majors of Cinema and Media Studies

Current list of CAMS Production students

For Students going on the CAMS OCS Trip

For Seniors in the CAMS Major

Information for CAMS Faculty and Staff

Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts

for Trip Leaders of CANOE

for the bomb diggity board members of CANOE aka the most funnest good natured party people you ever did see

Canterbury Episcopal Fellowship

Canterbury Episcopal Students (Carleton members only)

Canterbury Episcopal Students (St Olaf members only)

Custodial Services Employees - Cardboard Pick Up

The Carleton Figure Skating Association

Carleton language course issues


Carleton Weekly Editors All

Carleton Weekly Editors A

Carleton Weekly Editors G

Carleton Class of 1970

List for the Class of 1956

Class of '62

List Serv for the Class of 1966 Reunion Committee

List serv for the Class of 1967

Carleton Twin Cities Club Breakfast series email list

Carleton Claymation Club

Carleton Consulting

This is the list for the Carleton grove of the Reformed Druids

Carleton football players e-mail list

E-mail List for Carleton Historical Review

Intramural Basketball

Carleton Microfinance Club

Everything mushroom

Carleton Parents Fund

Sailing club list for Spring/Fall terms 2012

Carleton College Computer Science Newsletter


Carleton table tennis club

Members and people interested in the Carleton Clothes Connection

Carleton Cricket Club

Carleton Democrats

Folk dance events on campus

Editors of the Carletonian

Carletonian Columnists

Carletonian Copy Editors

newspaper graphic designers

Carletonian photographers

Staff Photographers of the Carletonian

staff writers of the Carletonian

Mailing list carletonian-writers

Carleton In and Out (CIAO)

The email group for parents of Carleton students

Carleton Sports News -- All Sports

Carleton Sports News -- Baseball

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Basketball

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Basketball

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Cross Country

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Cross Country

Carleton Sports News -- Football

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Golf

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Golf

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Soccer

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Soccer

Carleton Sports News -- Softball

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Swimming and Diving

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Swimming and Diving

Carleton Sports News -- Synchronized Swimming

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Tennis

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Tennis

Carleton Sports News -- Men's Track and Field

Carleton Sports News -- Women's Track and Field

Carleton Sports News -- Volleyball

Carleton Ultimate Men

Mailing list for Carleton's club water polo team

Carleton Political Activism Cooperative

Repro Justice Collective

Committee for the Advancement of Respectable Linguistic Science (student list)

Bernie Sanders

Carls Against Cancer

Carls for Hillary

Environmental Advocacy for the Boundary Waters

Carlslist: Classifieds for Faculty and Staff

Carls creating Political Atmosphere and Discussion Mailing List

Mapping Carleton Memories


Custodial Services employees - Carpet Maintenance Team

CARS - Curricular and Research Support at Carleton


All residents of Cassat Hall


cave staff

Cave Staff

Carleton College Cigar Club

Community Development events and information

Interest list for students involved with or interested in education opportunities through the CCCE.

CCCE Environment News and Announcements

ccce food interest list

CCCE Political Engagement

Carleton College Gaming Club

All College Communications

Carleton Republicans

Student Roman Catholic Organization

CCST Friends

Students interested in Emergency Medicine, Students certified as EMTs or First Responders and those interested in certification

Carleton Entrepreneurship Organization

Mailing list Cog Sci Majors & Concentrators 2016

Mailing list Cog Sci Majors & Concentrators 2017

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2016 - majors

Class of 2017

Sync II '16

The Cheerboys School Spirit Email List

Personages interested and involved in Chelsea 11:17

List for 2016 Chemistry Majors

List for 2017 Chemistry Majors

List for 2018 Chemistry Majors

Carleton College Chess Club mailing list

Discussion list for members of Carleton Chicago Club

Chinese Club

Chinese Language Learner Events Postings

EDB Choreographers Spring 2016

Coalition of Hmong Students

Chub as Fuck

The e-mail list for the Carleton Investment Group, Carleton's business interest club

Civic Engagement Events and Opportunities

Mailing list class58

Class of 2020

Classroom Planning

Climate Action Week 2016

Climbing and Bouldering Info and Events

Clothes Closet CCCE program

Discussion list for Carleton Alumni Club Chairs

Carleton Energy Club Discussion Group

coed field hockey

Club Tennis

Carleton Mixed Martial Arts Club

Collective for Men's Issues

football coaching staff

Email List for College Buddies CCE Program

IM Basketball Comedy Ballerinas Style

Carleton Graphic

Interested in Computer Science

Complexity Book Group

Carleton's Organized Radicals, Activists, and Leftists

Coalition of Women of Color

Carleton Pre-Med Association

Cultural Programming Board

Scholars List

Creative writing in the English Department


List for students interested and involved in Socially Responsible Investment

Carleton Role Playing Association

Students Enrolled in CS Courses

First Year Students




Carleton Slam Poetry Collective

Colleague Users

For information on volunteering at the Rice County Humane Society, Faribault, MN

Collective for Women's Issues

Carleton Women's Varsity Soccer

Carleton Cycling Club


Fall 2014 Ebony: Rock Your Body

Distributing Anti Racial Knowledge

ebony conjunction junction


Residents of Davis Hall

DC Carleton Alumni Club list

IM sports

Mailing list deptasst

Carleton Developers Exchange

Carleton Developers Exchange -- External News

Digital Humanities Interest List

Digital Humanities Interest List (Carleton)

Fall 2014 Ebony

Updates and news about the film Disconnected

Divest Carleton

Mailing list deptasst

Flight From Paris Ebony Dance

EAC Communications Workgroup

EAC Food Workgroup

Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

East Asia Study Group

Ebony Choreographers


Synchrony II RADAR

eclipse ultimate frisbee 2015-2016

Students enrolled in ECON courses

EDB Winter/Spring Cast 2015

EDB Spring 2016 Dancers

EDB Fall/Winter Cast 2014-2015

Student Organization list

Edb Chorepgraphers

Program Directors of CCCE Education Programs

MHAC Education Team



Open list for sharing encouraging/inspiring/thought-provoking things

Students interested in engineering

Junior English Majors

Senior English Majors

Mailing list for the English DCC

Enjoy the Ride

Carleton Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneur Club

Mailing list ents-alumni

ENTS major information, updates, and events

For students interested in environmental studies


Environmental Alliance at Carleton

Mailing list esl

Mailing list esl

The Experimental Theater Board: Student Theater at Carleton

For information about events organized by Ethical Inquiry at Carleton (EthIC

Mailing list europeanstudies

Experimental Dance Board


Faculty Club News and Updates

Residents of Faculty Club


Fall IM Vball 2013

Fall CUT 2016

Women's Fall Ultimate

Fall women's frisbee list

Fall Frisbee 2014

Fall Frisbee 2014

Fall ultimate frisbee

Where legends lay and lions dine.

Sustainable Living/Sustainable Growing at Carleton and beyond.

Farming Club

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Weekly updates for the Fellowship in Christ

FemSex Spring 2015 T/TH 6a

Freshmen Fondue Friday

Freshman Fondue Friday and Fellowsheep

Film Society List

Carls for Financial Accessibility

FireBellies -- Carleton's only cooking club

For the FIreBellies Board

First Burton Information

First Burton 2015 - 2016

Fitness House Events

Festive Latinos and Allies Group

Ebony dance

Core Facilities Master Planning Committee

Facilities Master Plan -- Music/Public Events Venues Planning Group

Facilities Master Plan -- Science Planning Group

Tutors for Faribault Science Club

Carleton Folk Dancers and Friends

Folk singing events on campus

Reducing food waste and extending food access

Email for potential Foodshelf Volunteers (CCCE program)

A student group that examines the environmental, political, social and ethical impacts of what we eat

Carleton Football

Carleton Debate Team

Students enrolled in Econ classes

French activities

French Alumni

French Friends


Game Development Coordination & Discussion

Gaming At Carleton

Global China Connection Carleton Chapter (GCC-CC)

Geffert House listserv

Mailing list for all staff and faculty in Boliou Hall

Mailing list for all staff and faculty in Boliou Hall



Mailing list germanactivities


Girls Who Code club

CCCE Gleaning Program

Goodbye Moo Monday

Residents of Goodhue Hall

Snoop Gopp

The Gods of Plastic

Chapel: Gospel Brunch

GPAW Houses Mailing List

Custodial Services employees - Green Team 1

Custodial Services employees - Green Team 2

Green Thumbs

For those interested in environmental advocacy at Carleton

Grill Club Charcoal Alliance


Floor Information/Newsletter

Floor Email List

Info on events in and around the Gender and Sexuality Center

Carleton Trap Shooting

GusDay 10 Conference

Greenvale Park Community School Volunteer List

Carleton Gymnastics Club

hair the musical

Haiti Justice Alliance - Carleton

Admissions Salaried Staff

Carleton Handbell Choir


Healthy Communities and Relationships

ITS HelpDesk Break Workers

ITS HelpDesk Network Consultants

ITS Helpdesk New Hires

ITS Helpdesk Student Workers

HealthFinders Childcare Interns

HNMUN 2015 Model UN Team List

Carleton Hockey Alumni and Students

Carleton's Pepband

Hospital Volunteers

Host Family sign up list

Hot Karls 13-14

Hot Karls Mens Ultimate

Hour of Power Relay for Cancer Research

Hill House Chill House

Humanities Center

Ebony Chandelier 2015

Collaborative list for IASSIST members interested in working with other Africans and their data.

IASSIST-Strategic Planning group 2008 -

Iceland Travelers

Interfaith Social Action Group

Illiad return address

IM Volleyball Spring 2014

Updates from the Office of Intercultural Life

For students interested in CAMS

For students interested in CAMS

Interested in Mental Health

For students interested in theater

International Planning Committee

international students class of 2015

incoming class

international students calss of 2018

international class of 2019

International Festival Budget Committee

intl students

Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA)

International Relations Council

Islam mailing list

ISO Leaders

iso leaders

International Students Class of 2013

Ebony It Girl Winter 2014

All residents of James Hall

Japanese Activities

Japanese Club

The 67th Japan America Student Conference

The 68th Japan-America Student Conference

Ebony Do You Remember Fall 2015

List attached to the Jewish Students of Carleton group

The JSC board

email list for Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. and those interested in recieving updates on our activities and shows

Syzygy Junta

Justin Trudeau

KabMob IM Mailing List

Korean Adoptees Program

Planning the Katrina Event - Spring 2006

Carleton's kendo and naginata club

Kids For Conservation (CCCE program) email list

Ebony Dance Group

Discussion group for Carleton alumni in film and media

Weekly Events for People Interested in Knightlife

Game Of Thrones Club

Knitting Club

Kookies for Kiva

Korean Language Class

Cave / KRLX Approved Users for Camera / Audio Equipment

KRLX Content Team Updates


KRLX Features Department

KRLX Information

Krlx Promotions Team


KRLX Spring 2016

KRLX DJ list

Korean Students Association

CCCE program

Mailing list LASO

Mailing list LASO

LDC student manager mailing list

Advisory Board for The Lens Magazine

Design Interest List for the Lens

Lens Photographers

2nd Cassat 2013-2014 IM Team

Mailing list lgbtcouncil

Mailing list for all staff and faculty in Boliou Hall

Mailing list for all interested in LIASE grant

Mailing list lib-libcom

IM Frisbee

Custodial Services employees - Orange Team

Carleton lifeguards

Lil' Sluggers Softball team

London Winter 2015

Discussions space for Carls in the London area

for people looking for events where they're serving free food


social lunch organization

Madison Carleton Club

Carleton's Magic: the Gathering Club

Networking list for past Mali program participants

Manuscript Editorial Staff


Measure for Measure production mailing list

IM softball team

Carleton Men creating a dialogue about sexual violence

Mens Lacrosse Team

Men's Club Lacrosse

Men's Volleyball Alumni Email List


Mental Health Awareness Collective

MIAC Playoff Planning Committee

For the FIreBellies Board

Northfield Middle School TORCH and Youth Center tutors

Midwest College and University Audio Visual

Ebony Dance Fall 2015


Carleton Mixed Community (MIXED)

Minnesota Innovative Interfaces Users Group Members

Library operations and services

Men of Color

Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Ebony 2 Mailing List for Freakum Dress


Mosaic of South Asian Interests at Carleton

Moscow & Beyond Program Information List-Serve

Minority Students Pre-Health Coalition

Mock Trial Team Crossfire

Multicultural Cooking Club

Model UN

Model UN Interest

Music At Carleton

Current Music Majors

Residents of Musser Hall

4th Musser 2015-2016 residents

NCSC 2015 Model UN Team List

summer mailings

Mailing list for new faculty '11-'12

Mailing list for new faculty '12-'13

No Impact Challenge email list

No Fidelity

transportation in Northifeld

Ebony II

Ebony Chandelier 2015

Northfield Reads and Counts Tutors

New Student Week 2015

Owners of Nudels Sphynx Cats

Out After Carleton: a forum for Alumni, Students, Staff & Faculty

A liste for gathering information for Off-Campus Study Programs

Office of Intercultural & International Life

OIIL Email List

The One Knight Stands

OnBase User Support Group

Winter Term Ebony Dance


OpenMind Zero-Credit Class

OIIL Peer Leaders


Carleton Origami Club


Otter-vicious broomball, winter 2016.

Interest list for students involved with or interested in Paper Airplanes tutoring.

A mailing list for the Spring 2013 Paris Program

peter and the wolf

Wrestling with Theology


PEAR Head Coach and Assistant Coaches

PEAR Department Email List

PEAR head coaches

PEAR Head Coach and Assistant Coaches

Peninsula/South Bay Book Club

Peru Program

Iceland Travelers

ebony REPLAY fall 2014

Philosophy Seniors 2016

Philosophy Juniors - Class of 2017

Philosophy Sophomores 2018

Photo Co-op Mailing List

Photography Cooperative

Pick Up Sports


Pinot Noir Dance List

IM Softball Team list

Carleton Theater

Custodial Services employees - Projects Team

Custodial Services employees - Pink Team

Carleton Poker Group (CPG)

Carleton Poker Group (CPG)

Political Organization Leaders

POSI Majors, Class of 2014

Posse First Year 15-16

Posse Junior 15-16

All Posse Scholars

Posse Senior

Posse Sophomore 15-16

Pound the alarm ebony dance

Prentice House Listserv

Reaccreditation Subcommittee

Problem Solving

Pro Choice at Carleton College

Class of 2019

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Psychology Research Participation Opportunities

Psych Social List

Public Health issues in Northfield and at Carleton

Synchrony II

Put the Gun Down Ebony Dance

Physics weekly newsletter

Remote control airplane club

Reason Announcements

Reason site owners

Recent Reason Users

Custodial Services employees - Rec Center Team

Custodial Services employees - Red Team 1

Custodial Services employees - Red Team 2

This is an email list for the Class of 1956 Red Tie Team

Redheads of Carleton

Contacts for Departmental Refreshing Labs

Contacts for Refreshing Student Stations

Religion Seniors

Religion Juniors

Religion Sophomores

Frosh & soph students taking Religion classes

Academic Fair students

Reunion Student Staff

Rice House and Page West

Residents of Rice House

Mailing list for Carleton's club water polo team

Residential Life Staff

Robotics Club

Rock Climbing

Ebony II lol rockstar dancers

Ebony '15


Russian Club Mailing List

CCCE Program: Ruth's House of Hope

For communication to Staff at Carleton members in the Centrol Geo Area.

For communication to Staff at Carleton members in the East Geo Area.

For communication to Staff at Carleton members in the Leighton Geo Area.

For communication to Staff at Carleton members in the South Geo Area.

For communication to Staff at Carleton members in the West Geo Area.

SAFE House

Sexuality and Gender Activism

Salsa Dance Club

Cake By The Ocean

Custodial Services Employees - Sand & Salt Delivery

Ebony Dance

For the FIreBellies Board

Scandinavian Club


Tour Guide Applicants for Spring 2015

Tour Guide Applicant Email List

Carleton College Tour Guides Email List

Schiller Society

Science Facility Planning

The Chapel's Science & Religion discussion group mailing list

Science Board

Computation and Modeling

Mailing list aafboard

E-mail list for sculpture monitors

Southeast Asia OCS 2015

The Search: A Philosophy Discussion Group.

Seattle Carleton Club List

senior dance class of 2016

Floor Info

Sevy Hall Information

The mailing list of the Science Fiction Alliance.

Students For Education Reform

Student Political Organization

the Carleton Groundling Society

Carleton Shakespeare Club!

SHARE Committee

Karate Club Email List

Kayla's gonna do a shot


Ebony dance

Carleton's Nude Magazine

Carleton's Nude Mag


Smash Time

Summer Program for Women

SMT Cabaret


SNAP Seniors

List of SNAP members in the class of 2016

Mailing list for SOAN majors class of 2016

Mailing list for SOAN majors

Mailing list for SOAN majors

SOAN News for Underclassmen and Non-majors


A list for people interested in Social Dance.

Carleton Varsity Softball

SOPE mailing list

South India Travelers

South Pacific 2015 Group

Spanish 101 TAs Fall 2015

Spanish 102 TAs Fall 2015

Spanish 103 TAs 2016

Spanish Activities

SMT Cabaret


Exempt Staff Forum list

Comps email list!

Do the Helen Keller


Student Assistants 2013-2014

Student Assistants 2015-2016

All Student Life Division Staff

Mailing list studentteachers

Mailing list for studio art faculty only

Studio Art Majors, Class of 2016

new majors

Studio Art Majors, Class of 2018


Summer 2012 research Students

Summer Residents 2015


Ebony Cool For The Summer

Carls living in Musser for Summer 2013

Summer 2014 volunteer opportunitites


support staff list serve

Sustainability Interest Newsletter

Student Wellness Advocates Interest List

Synchrony II Choreographers

The Synthesizer Club!'s Cool Email List

CUT & Syzygy

Mailing list syzygy

Take Back the Tap campaign


Tanzania Travelers

Tartuffe Cast and Crew

Take Back the Tap campaign

E-mail list for TCS


Members of Carleton Truthiness Venture

Technical Theater Opportunities

Carleton Men's Rugby Football Board

Sports Magazine

The other queers

The Salt

Third Evans Dorm List

Third Myers Dorm List


Mailing list for Tim Viet

for all the trolls of the semaphorest

TIX Visioning Team

List for TOPsoccer volunteers


TORCH Tutors - High School

Residents of the Townhouses


Broadening Access to Science & Outreach

Mailing list travel

List of Carleton students interested in tutoring. Not affiliated with any one specific tutoring program.

Twin Cities Carleton Alumni Club list

Class of 1987 Alumni in the Twin Cities

Ebony Brokenhearted Winter 2016

OCS Washington DC 2016

Ebony II Dance 2016

Mailing list for Women in Economics

Ebony Dance for Spring Term

Custodial Services Employees - Weitz Center

weitz audio studio people

Staff and Faculty who work in The Weitz Center for Creativity

Carleton Women's Soccer 2015-2016

Carleton College West Coast Swing Club

Women's Fall Frisbee 2015

Mafia Interest List!

Synchrony II Ridin Solo Dance

WHOA Activism Bulletin

Student band

ebony II dance can i have this dance

Wilson House listserv

Intl Students

Women in Physics

Club Tennis

Wednesday Night Banquet

Women's Cross Country

Women's Soccer Club

Student Writers' Workshops

Women's Track and Field 2011

Floor list

List for the 1959 50th reunion committee co-chairs

Class of 1959 50th Reunion gift committee

Class of 1959 50th Reunion program committee

Class of 1959 Publicity Committee

Class of 1972 Reunion program committee

Ebony Dance

1st Goodhue Mailing List

Communication for 1st Goodhue Residents


1st Cassat Floor Email for 2015-2016

1st Davis Floor List

List serv for the Class of 2002 reunion committee

Class of 2002 Reunion program committee

2003 reunion planning committee

List of students participating in FOCUS

Fellowship Mailing List for the Class of 2015

NSW group 33 mailing list

Summer 2015 Dance at Carleton

2016 senior gift committee

Second Burton 2013-2014

2nd Davis Floor Email


2nd Davis Floor Email List

Floor email list

Floor Email List


2nd Watson 2014-2015 Email Group

Residential Floor

Floor Annoucements

2nd Goodhue

2nd Goodhue Floor Email for 2014-2015

2nd Musser residents 2014-2015

Floor emailing list

RA List Request

2nd Watson mailing

3rd Goodhue Floor List

3rd Goodhue e-mail list


Frisbee Team List

3rd James mailing list

Floor Email List

3rd Watson Mailing List

list for 3rd Cassat

Email listserv for 3rd Davis

3rd Davis

Third Musser Email List

Important Things for 3rd Watson

best floor in this universe, and maybe several others

4th Goodhue 2014-2015

4Hue IM Frisbee

4th Burton


4th James Mailing List


4th Cassat Floor Email for 2013-2014

An email list for the residents of 4th Cassat

4th Evans Community

Residential Floor

4th Nourse Floor Email

4th Watson

Floor email list for 7th Watson 14-15

2017 swimmers

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